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几位安全 Company profile

Kiwisec [full name: Chengdu Yinghai Yixun Technology Co., Ltd.] was established in November 2014. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on mobile security and is headquartered in Chengdu. The company started from Humble beginnings,and developed code obfuscation technology, full architectures commercial code virtualization technology, based on which developed multi-platform and multi-architecture product system and technical solutions.

Kiwisec currently provides dual platform mobile security protection for Android and iOS. Its security products include code obfuscation products - "KIWI Secure Compiler", code virtualization products - "KiwiVM Virtual Machine", "Mobile App Security Detection System", and "Mobile APP Security Encryption System.

Kiwisec mobile security solutions include mobile advertising, anti-fraud protection solutions; Internet of Things core algorithm protection and financial protection against data leakage. Its industries cover finance, operators, government-owned enterprises, car networking, energy, mobile social networking, and mobile games, etc., covering important markets such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas Google. The number of users of Kiwisec platform has reached 20,000+, the number of service applications has exceeded 40,000+, and more than 100 million mobile terminals have been covered.

Kiwisec is committed to protecting mobile core assets, helping to fight against black production (underground industry), and helping customers to operate safely and effectively.

几位安全Development Path

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
  • NovemberKIWI SECURITY was established, and the Technical Team was organized.
  • MayiOS application reinforcement product "KiwiShield" was first launched.
    October“KiwiShield” supports Android application reinforcement.
  • AprilReleasing Unity3D Mobile Games Encryption Solution.

    "Mobile Security Defense Platform" goes on-line providing online code obfuscation service and a new generation of Android application reinforcement services.

    AugustReleasing Cocos2d-Lua Mobile Games Encryption Solution.

    KiwiVM code virtualization protection technology for mobile devices is first released and tested in the world,upgrading "Mobile Security Defense Platform", providing one-stop security services including security detection, security encryption,security monitoring services.

  • May

    Platform online registration users break through 10,000+, obtains tens of millions of capital in Pre-A round of financing.


    Android application encryption upgrade, DEX supports function extraction encryption, DLL supports function-level encryption, Lua supports instruction-level encryption

    OctoberKiwiVM Virtualization Protection Products are launched online.
    DecemberiOS source code encryption, the first to support Swift code
  • MarchReleasing java2c encryption solution.

几位安全Honorary Certificates


The Outstanding Enterprise Award in Growth Group, Sichuan Division in the 6th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2017.


Leading Enterprise in Mobile Security Industry in 2017 China's IT Billboard


Dual-Innovation + Rising Star in the 2017 C3 Security Summit (CYBER ICLOUD COMMUNICATION ), The Best Innovative Product.

几位安全Join Us

iOS Security Development Engineer Code Encryption Security Development Engineer Android Security Development Engineer Android Development Test Engineer Sales Manager
Job Responsibilities:
1.iOS security research
2.iOS security products development
Salary Range:
10 - 15 K/Month ¥
Job Requirements:
1. Proficient in Xcode development and debugging environment with iOS application development experience.
2. Familiar with ARM Architecture Reference, C/C++/Java/ObjC and other languages
3. Familiar with common security solutions
4. Familiar with iOS architecture and Objective-C run-time
5. With mobile applications, jailbreak plug-in development experience
6. Skilled use of lldb, IDA Pro and other reverse analysis tools
7. It’s enough to meet partial of the above experiences, not necessarily fully satisfy all the experiences.
Job Responsibilities:
1.Code security research
2.Security product development based on LLVM
Salary Range:
12 - 18 K/Month ¥
Job Requirements:
1. Proficient in development and debugging environment of various platforms such as Xcode, VS.
2. Familiar with ARM Architecture Reference, C/C++ languages.
3. Familiar with LLVM compilation system, and do secondary development and customization.
4. Proficient in reading, parsing, modifying, optimizing IR instructions.
5. Those with research experience in LLVM back-end are preferred.
6.Skilled use of lldb, IDA Pro, and other reverse analysis tools
7.It’s enough to meet partial of the above experiences, not necessarily fully satisfy all the experiences.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for ELF binary packers research
2. Responsible for the development and implementation of ELF packer products
Salary Range:
10 - 15 K/Month ¥
Job Requirements:
1. Master Android JNI development and debugging environment
2. Familiar with the ELF file format, dynamic linking process
3. Familiar with the commonly used SO security protection solution, those with experience in analysis of the SO packer and implementation are preferred.
4. Those who analyzed Kiwisec free SO packer and provide analysis report are preferred.
5. It’s enough to meet partial of the above experiences, not necessarily fully satisfy all the experiences.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Android product development work
2. Android product testing work
Salary Range:
10 - 15 K/Month ¥
Job Requirements:
1. Proficient in Android Java/JNI development and debugging environment
2. Familiar with JAVA, C / C + + languages
3. Familiar with Android SDK design and development process
4. Familiar with Android system operating mechanism
5. Those with security project development experience are preferred.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of customers in the Internet industry, negotiation and liaison with customers;
2. Comprehensive analysis of the customer's products, target markets, target consumers, competitors and other aspects of the situation;
3. Timely grasp the needs of customers, feedback to relevant business personnel;
4. Always keep a watchful eye on competing products;
5. Maintain good communication and relation with customers, keep abreast of customers’ status and collect customers’ information;
6. Expand new customers.
Salary Range:
Basic salary 4000-6000 ¥/month Commission
Job Requirements:
1. It is preferred to have software sales or mobile Internet experience;
2. Computer-related background is preferred;
3. Good at communicating with people, like sales work, can withstand stress and accept challenges;
4. Good teamwork spirit and work actively;
5. The office location is in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone.

几位安全Contact Us

Sales Enquiry: 15378186512 15348198213

Company Landline: 028-83177117

Company Email: service@kiwisec.com

Company Address: 6027, Tower A, Building 6, Jing Rong Start-up Hub, No. 200, Tianfu 5th,Chengdu

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