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Product Introduction

Java2C is a new-generation DEX encryption solution for mobile devices. It can directly encrypt the APK file of Android application package, translate the core functions in the DEX file into C code, and implement code obfuscation and string encryption through the source code encryption technology of the Native layer, thus improving the security of Java layer core code.

Java2C technology is integrated in Android APK encryption service of the online cloud platform. The free version only encrypts the OnCreate function by default, and the enterprise version can customize the encryption of key functions. [Currently, Java2C encryption technology cannot be used together with DEX overall encryption and function encryption at the same time. Please use your own choice of services]

Features and Advantages


Anti-reverse Engineering

It’s safer than traditional DEX packers, function extraction encryption, and protects core Java code.

Native Layer Encryption

Implementing code obfuscation and string encryption after translating into C code, it makes reverse engineering more difficult.

Easy to Use

Not changing the existing development process, Encryption can be performed on APK packages without any modifications.

Good Compatibility

After encryption of the application, its compatibility and functional test pass rate reaches 99%.

Original Mobile VMProtect Technology Leading Internet Security

Original Mobile VMProtect Technology Leading Internet Security