IoT Industry Risks


Perception Layer Risk

Terminal devices are outside the firewall and are vulnerable to physical attacks, malicious tampering, pirating, counterfeiting and other risks

Network Layer Risk

The data transmission protocol is cracked, stealing sensitive information or forging data packets, causing assets damage to users and enterprises.

Platform Layer Risk

API interface is analyzed, operational data is abnormal, platform vulnerabilities are exploited, DDOS attacks, data leaks.

Application Layer Risk

Stealing of core technologies, leakage of sensitive data, extraction of passwords, device fingerprinting and device location spoofing

Kiwisec Solutions

The unique and proprietary KiwiVM virtualization protection solution of Kiwisec can virtualize CPU instructions, virtualize key technologies for encryption such as payment, algorithm, communication and passwords, supporting Android, iOS, Windows and Linux platforms to ensure secure and stable operation of Internet services.

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Original Mobile VMProtect Technology Leading Internet Security

Original Mobile VMProtect Technology Leading Internet Security