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KiwiVM is an ios code VM encryption product for smart cars, mobile games, mobile advertising, anti-fraud, IoT (Internet of Things) and other industries. It's based on the clang compiler extension, VM compiler virtualizes directly the specified function [code ] while compiling. With the characteristics of a custom cpu instruction, once the code is encrypted, it will never be decrypted, and the encryption process is irreversible. The crackers cannot restore the code and analyze the core business logic. KiwiVM can help large and medium-sized enterprises to customize and encrypt modules such as communications, payment, algorithms and core technologies to avoid economic losses caused by security issues.

KiwiVM supports Xcode plug-ins. There are many types of VM encryption products for PC, currently KiwiVM is the only VM encryption product for mobile application.

Features and Advantages

Deep encryption

Deep Encryption

Custom CPU instructions, encrypted code will not be decrypted
Function Virtualization

Function Virtualization

Virtualization protection of code functions for iOS projects
Full Architectures

Full Architectures

Support all cpu architectures such as armv7、armv7s、arm64 etc.


The implementation of IR code based on LLVM has no compatibility problem

Original Mobile VMProtect Technology Leading Internet Security

Original Mobile VMProtect Technology Leading Internet Security