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KiwiCompiler is a iOS code encryption tool for Internet companies and individual developers. Similar to common compilers, it can compile source code such as C, C++, Objective-C, Swift code into binary code. The difference is that when compiling, the KiwiCompiler can encrypt the code logic by obfuscating, deforming and inflating, and protect sensitive strings through encryption, thus preventing the crackers from de-compiling binary code, tampering or stealing core technologies through reverse tools such as IDA Pro, etc.

KiwiCompiler is an Xcode plug-in that supports iOS project [App, dynamic library, static library].

Features and Advantages

Code Obfuscation

Code Obfuscation

Protect code from expansion, confusion. To prevent reverse analysis by IDA Pro.
String Encryption

String Encryption

Encryption of sensitive strings to prevent attackers from locating core code through keywords


Support for obfuscation protection of C, C++, Objective-C, Swift codes

Easy to Use

Xcode plug-in mode, the same as the original compilation process

Original Mobile VMProtect Technology Leading Internet Security

Original Mobile VMProtect Technology Leading Internet Security